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My first foray into journalism was in college (1978-1982), when I was a writer and then an editor for the Northern Light, an erratically published political and cultural magazine once available on the campus of St. Lawrence University.

A decade later I wrote a few free-lance articles for Press Magazine in Denmark at the invitation of my old friend Flemming Andersen, one of the editors. A few years later he moved to a daily paper Aktuelt and I contributed regularly to a humor column called the Back Page.

In 2002 I started writing for City Newspaper in Rochester, New York. I focused on music, mostly folk and roots music.

In 2003 I began free-lancing for the Ithaca Journal and the Trumansburg Free Press and in 2006 I became a full-time reporter for Finger Lakes Community Newspapers and began writing for Dirty Linen magazine. In 2009 Dirty Linen stopped publication and its writers moved online to Driftwood.

In July 2007 I became the editor of all nine Finger Lakes Community Newspapers, a post I held for a year until I quit to become a technical writer. In June 2009, less than thrilled with cubicle life, I returned to journalism.

While I was in graduate school at University of Massachusetts, Amherst (1988-1991), I adopted a nom d'aire, Mr. Fishscales, and did a blues show called "You Gotta Pay Yer Dues" and then a weird rock and trad show called the "Hibernian Weather Channel" on WMUA-FM.

In 1998 my wife Deirdre got interested in Irish traditional music and offered both her own and my services to Ted McGraw, who was looking for co-hosts for his "Irish Party House" on a local AM station.

After about year Ted moved his show to WRUR-FM and his son John started doing the show with him. So I resurrected the Hibernian Weather Channel. I did this show until I left the University of Rochester in 2003.

Sometime in 2004 I became a regular substitute on Nonesuch, a folk and roots show on WVBR-FM. After a four-year hiatus I am back to subbing again.

In 2010 in started a program called Shin Hollow Radio on WVBR. It is a magazine format; we invite local artists, business people, activists and government officals to talk about what they are up to.
I'm not much of a musician; I hate practicing. But I love listening to and promoting and recording music.

In about 2000 or so I went to the former Montage Grille in Rochester to see a double-bill with Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 and Richard Lloyd of Television. There were about 12 people at this show and I struck up a conversation at the bar with Dave deCastro, the Miracle 3's bass player. I bought one of his self-produced solo CDs and became a big fan. Before the MySpace revolution I made a simple webpage for him.

In 2000 I also found out that was distantly related to a very large musical family in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Chaissons have since been down to visit. I made a simple webpage for Lem Chaisson.

For a few years after that we put together workshops with local musicians.

During 2005 and 2006 Chad Crumm and I recorded several "live on the floor" performances of local musicians, including Burke, Burke and Bone, Laurie Hart, and the Macgillicuddies,. These are still in the can, waiting for the right venue.

McLallen House
Bed and Breakfast
30 McLallen Street
Trumansburg, New York 14886